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Packing Tips

Getting everything packed up for your move can seem like a daunting task. Here are our top tips for making packing easier:

Packing materials

Before you start make sure you have all the packing materials you need, including:

• Cardboard boxes
• Bubble wrap
• Old newspapers
• Parcel tape
• Labels
• Marker pens

You don’t need to buy everything. Supermarkets often have a supply of small to medium cardboard boxes to give away, and you can ask friends and family to save old newspapers for you. You’ll need plenty to wrap those fragile things in.

Start packing early

Many people don’t realise quite how much “stuff” they own until they move house. Start packing early so that you have plenty of time to get it all done. For a large house, you may want to start up to eight weeks before your move. If you live in a flat, four weeks should be ample time.

Pack in a logical order

Some things can be packed well ahead of a move, while others need to be in use up until the big day. Seasonal things, such as Christmas decorations, can usually be packed well in advance, and old paperwork files can also be packed early. Remember to have some boxes ready for the last minute things which you can’t pack until the morning of the move.

Don’t overload

Check the maximum load for your boxes and don’t overfill them. Your boxes need to be manageable to lift and they may break if they are overloaded.

Plan where you want things

Print a copy of the floor plan of your new place and allocate each room a number. Mark up each packed box with the number of the room where you want it to go, give your removals team a copy of the floor plan and you’ll make life much easier for everyone.

Don’t take things you don’t want

Moving house is a great opportunity to do some decluttering. Packing and unpacking things which you no longer need wastes your packing materials and your time. Better to part with your unwanted things and keep your new home clutter-free. Charity shops will gladly have good quality items, and the rest can go to your local recycling centre.

Pack a “survival” box

Pack a box of things you might want as soon as you arrive at your new home, such as:

• Kettle
• Mugs
• Spoons
• Tea bags
• Coffee
• Long-life milk
• Biscuits
• Sandwiches
• Food for your pets
• Cleaning fluids
• Rubber gloves
• Cloths
• Toilet rolls
• Toys (if you have young children)

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